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A strategic and practical consultancy specialising in commercial acceleration. Accelerate your commercial strategies, actions and results.

I am often asked about the business model behind my successful consultancy practice which is both tiny and global in nature and which has been operating continuously since 2003.

I work globally with a solidly blue chip client base including world’s largest companies in Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Medical Nutrition, Medical Diagnostics and Medical Devices.

I capture value through superior customer LOVE expressed as my extreme and personal ownership of customer needs and outcomes.


My ultra-pragmatic consulting focuses on accelerating commercial strategies, actions and results. The bulk of my work falls within the following areas of marketing and commercial effectiveness:
  • Strategic/marketing planning
  • Brand development
  • Growth programs
  • Commercial cycle effectiveness
  • High performing marketing organization


My tried-and-tested high impact workshops enable teams to reliably produce quality actions and solutions.

Squad™, Surge™ and Supercharge™ workshops are either used within a larger project context or delivered as one-time, independent events. Customized to the task at hand, they are methodically structured for success. I believe that brilliant workshop outcomes are achieved by design, rather than by magical thinking relying on your team's 'superpowers' or 'creative moments'. Although these help too!

The goal of every workshop is to generate execution-ready improvements and solutions, with everyone included, productive and successful.


6 core Training Labs™ provide a practical learning solution to everyday commercial challenges. Sharp and short, they minimise the 'forgetting curve' and work best with small in-house teams. Trust, respect and fun make change and growth conceivable and accessible to ALL participants.
  • Concentrated insights: one intense training day
  • Workshop style: 30% lecturing and 70% doing
  • Lab mentality: Inspiration > discovery > action
  • Applied: work with your own brand for best results
  • 3 step impact: pre work + training + reinforcement





    • Partnering with senior executives in the preparation of stratplans and marketing plans, including the design of the process itself
    • Facilitating the creation of brand positioning and messages; support of brand launch and portfolio initiatives
    • Business growth and acceleration initiatives; HCP, and consumer activation programs to drive brand adoption, channel penetration and brand presence
    • Improving day-to-day commercial effectiveness (sales materials, sales call, ROI of congresses and scientific meetings, cycle process, agency management)
    • Creation of team vision and values; improving transparency, trust and ways of working within the team; strengthening interfaces (marketing-sales, marketing-medical, global-local)
    • Creation, deployment and embedding of best practice and tools to drive capability and support local execution


Clients say

Anna stands out as a particularly bright, high energy marketer with strong analytical and creative thinking skills and an impressive track record.
We are a tough bunch to corral but you did it with great aplomb!
With Anna's help, the project delivered great results, but making the team work as a high performing team was truly astonishing.
I was thrilled to see the group aligned, enthused and productive. I had no idea we could achieve so much in just one day.
Anna is highly client focused and really wants to know what you want and adapt and deliver to best serve your goals.
Anna brings real clarity of thought, creative yet simple. She is a consummate professional. She drives you through to results!
Anna makes change and growth possible and achievable for people.
Applause to this great workshop. Thank you for your guidance and support in ensuring that our thinking is crystal clear.


Based in the heart of Europe, I am a marketing strategist, enthusiastic problem solver and a doer. With 15 years at the helm of my own firm, I believe that you get vastly better results by LOVING your customers (not in a weird way).

My professional interest is in translating strategy into an ultra-pragmatic sales-and-share driving execution. My personal interest is in being fully alive by maximizing adventure, creativity and meaning.

I am multilingual and global by nature and enjoy working across geographies.

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